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Technological Innovation and Pioneering.

SGW Services maintains a constant training and technical updating program for all of its collaborators. The culture of sharing knowledge and significant investment in internal, external and international qualification, updating and new technologies courses guarantee that the team is always up-to-date with respect to procedures and technologies being used in the most developed countries, and ready to meet all the challenges that each project presents.

In the IT area, SGW Services is the pioneer in implementing in Brazil the use of the VSP (Visual Sample Plan) software, developed by the EPA – American environmental agency – and widely used in the USA for scientific calculation of multi-increment soil and groundwater samples.

CAD and GIS platforms and solutions for mathematical modeling and graphical design are also used. A geo-referenced environmental database system is in the implantation phase, which will permit the real-time management, consultation and assessment of projects information.

SGW Services was the pioneer in Brazil in using in remediation projects products especially developed for remediation of specific compounds of concern, with innovative technologies in the biotechnology area for remediation of highly hazardous compounds persistent in the environment. The company maintains close scientific collaboration with the American Adventus Group, offering crucial technical information for the development of efficient products under Brazilian climate and hydro-geological conditions. In return, the Adventus Group provides support for the SGW Services team in the conception of bioremediation projects with the best cost-efficiency.