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1Environmental Licensing

SGW Services has ample experience in the development of Licensing, RAP and EIA/RIMA processes with the Environmental Agencies of the entire country. Know more

4Environmental Remediation

Environmental Remediation with effective techniques and the best cost-benefit ration, taking into account the project’s objectives, timeframes, costs and requirements of the environmental bodies. Know more

2Environmental Audit

Conformity Audits that show a detailed picture of how your business works in relation to the legal requirements as to the environment, health and safety - SGW Services. Know more

5Crisis Management

Response to environmental emergencies, accidents, notices of violations and leakage of information that can compromise the operation, financial health and image of your business. Know more

3Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessments evaluate the quality of the soil, groundwater and surface water in areas with a history of environmental risk or potentially polluting activities. Know more

6New Technologies

Environmental Assessment and Remediation are a set of relatively new technologies, and are closely connected with technical knowledge and constant evolution and innovation. Know more