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SGW Services has ample experience in the development and licensing processes with Environmental Agencies all over Brazil and Latin America. + More



Audits provide a detailed picture of how your business works in relation to the legal requirements as to the environment, health and safety. + More



Services that evaluate the quality of the soil, groundwater and surface water in areas with a history of risk or potentially polluting activities. + More



Remediation projects that seek effective alternatives and technical solutions, taking into account legal objectives, timeframes and requirements of the environmental agencies. + More

Welcome to SGW Services!

SGW Services is an environmental consultancy specialized in licensing, audit, engineering, assessment, remediation and recovery of degraded areas. Formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with solid technical knowledge and ample experience in environmental projects in Brazil and Latin America, it operates in the most diverse sectors of the economy, assisting industries, companies and organizations in dealing with their environmental issues in an efficient, transparent and responsible manner.


  • “Our policy is to offer the most efficient alternative applicable to the solution of our clients’ environmental problems.”
    SGW Services,
  • SGW Services is aligned with the objectives of our clients, to offer the best solutions.”

  • “Experience, Quality, Structure and Reliability. This is SGW!”
    SGW Services,