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Crisis Management and Emergency Response

In an emergency, it is crucial to have the capacity to make decisions and take corrective actions in a timely fashion. SGW Services has the expertise of a technical team formed by highly specialized geologists, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, agronomical and environmental engineers, chemists, architects, designers and environmental technicians, prepared to deal with crisis situations.

The experience acquired over years of dealing with the most complex cases of environmental contamination in the country enables the SGW Services team to quickly understand the case and be able to direct and implement emergency actions in time to considerably reduce damage to the environment, to material assets, to the public involved and to the image of the enterprise.

The capacity of SGW Services to mobilize teams and equipment and the knowledge of applicable techniques and the legislation in force provide, in addition to agility in making decisions and taking critical actions, pertinent arguments in the negotiation and relations with everybody involved, such as environmental bodies, authorities, clients, suppliers and the public in general.

To support the technical team, SGW Services has its own equipment and latest generation technologies, such as percussive bores and independent locomotion Hollow Stem Auger rotary drills, multi-parameter physical-chemical samplers, gas meters (P.I.D. and Gastech), low-flow and peristaltic pumps, interface meters, precision GPSs and equipment for topographical survey, in addition to its own fleet of vehicles for transportation of teams, equipment and inputs.

SGW Services offers a complete range of services, from the preliminary environmental audit to the closing of cases with the environmental agencies and authorities, in an efficient, confidential and ethical manner.