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A Complete Range of Environmental Services.

Constant Updating

SGW Services maintains a constant training and technical updating program for all of its collaborators. This guarantees that the team is always up-to-date with respect to procedures and technologies being used in the most developed countries, and ready to meet all the challenges that each project presents.

Solid Structure

The company has its own equipment and latest generation technologies, such as percussive bores and independent locomotion Hollow Stem Auger rotary drills, multi-parameter physical-chemical samplers, gas meters (P.I.D. and Gastech), low-flow and peristaltic pumps, interface meters, precision GPSs and equipment for topographical survey, in addition to its own fleet of vehicles for transportation of teams, equipment and inputs.


With all efforts directed towards developing the work in a confidential, competent, responsible and financially feasible manner, with the highest standards of technical quality, respecting the confidentiality needed by our clients, most complete and qualified environmental consulting in Brazil.

Complete Projects

In all the projects, irrespective of size and complexity, the economical, technical, environmental, legal and social aspects and the vision of sustainability are considered, without compromising production capacity and economic growth. These assumptions, together with the high rate of success in reaching the objectives established, have made SGW a reference in quality for clients, collaborators and environmental agencies in the entire country.


Created in 2005 by a group of experienced professionals from large national and international environmental consultants, SGW Services has state-of-the-art experience with environmental remediation projects, in addition to a solid commitment to efficiency, quality, cost/benefit and excellence.

Relationship with Clients

SGW Services has the expertise of a united and well meshed technical team, focused on the client, formed by highly specialized geologists, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, chemists, architects, designers and environmental technicians. The company offers a complete range of services, covering from preliminary environmental auditing up to closing of cases with the environmental agencies and authorities.